Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Important Protection Against Cold & Flu

O those nasty colds and flu's during the winter months,  and how they often bring on the blahs.   This period of the New Year can be  stressful due to cold winds, wet weather and a lowered amount of sun light to penetrate our skin which  provides a wonderful vitamin called D3.

The Thymus gland  is very important for protection against foreign invaders - virus, bacteria, mold, and other pathogens which are air borne i.e coughing, sneezing, cuts to the skin, water, or food. These pathogins are always on the attack. The thymus gland produces a series of hormones which are classified as lymphocytes and are derived from the lymphocyte stem cells in our bone marrow. These special lymphocytes migrate through the blood stream to the liver, spleen and thymus gland. They produce special glycoproteins which attach themselves to cell walls of T-lymphocytes and create an aggressive white blood cell in the defense of our body.  One's immune system must have vitamins A, C, E, Selenium, Copper, and Zinc . Each mineral has very specific roles supporting not only our immunity but also our body's very important detoxification processes.

  Lowered levels of vitamin D3 can cause depression,  lack of energy and negative reaction by certain aspects of our B side immunity, which lowers production of hormones, especially from the thymus gland and thyroid gland.  The thyroid hormone thyroxine [T4],  in a cell is converted to T3, tri-iodthyronine have a secondary function in protection of the immune system.  In  this form  it is  responsible for our body's core temperature and respiration.  Actually, every cell in the trillions of cells throughout  our body requires T3 which is the active molecule the cell uses to  produce heat from a metabolic reaction within the mitochondria [the energy center within the cell]. It's easy to  see just how important a normal functioning thyroid is for normal health. 

 Along with glandulars and minerals, important  herbs such as echinacea and special proteins found in mothers milk called colostrum give a person complete protection during the stresses of the cold/ flu season.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Importance of a Healthy Liver

The liver is the first organ to receive bloo from the intestines and removes, synthesizes and detoxifies teh final products of digestion a few hours after each meal. Incomplete detoxification leads to a backlog of waste products which can poison the body's internal system.

Liver cells are endowed with mulitple factors  to aid anabolism, catabolism, and detoxification.  It aids in synthesis and storage of glycogen, conversion of other sugars to glucose, release of glucose for the maintainance of adequate sugar levels in the bloodstream and the synthesis of important biochemicals from sugars and other sources.  The liver burns glucose for quick energy important for stress.

The liver is imperative for fat metabolism by synsthesizing fatty acids from amino  acids and sugar, synthesis of lipoproteins, cholesterol and phospholipids, and of oxidation of fat for energy creating large quantities  of acetyl coenzyme A and acetocetic acid used for energy.  Excess food is converted to fat in the liver and transported to the adipose tissues for storage.

MBi Nutraceuticals LIVER 600 is a concentrate which helps provide the body with biologically active components (e.g. protein, hormones , mucelic acids) contained in the raw gland tissue of the liver. The liver accounts for 12% of the total metabolism of the body, and is especially dependent upon an adequate supply of fresh, oxygenated blood.  The blood supply adapts itself to the requirements of the liver, it it is lacking oxygen due to circulatory disturbances, the capacity of the liver cells is impaired and fatty degeneration developes in the liver lobules.

Liver 600 is New Zealand lyophilized  freeze dried liver tissue mixed with Vitamin E in a base of synergistic herbs for greater oxygen in the body.  Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase antioxidants are added.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I remember during the early 1960's when a kid came up to greet you, they'd
offer their hand and say, " Gimme some skin". It seemed a cool and hip way to
say hello. The purpose of this article however, isn't to talk about teenagers
and how they greeted one another in the sixties, but to provide information
regarding the challenge so many of us have in dealing with skin problems;
Primarily acne, rosacea, eczema and wrinkles.

At the present, I'll address both adolescent and adult onset acne.
Firstly, with adolescent acne there has always been a concern with cleanness and
the eruption of the pimple. This is certainly important because of the potential
of bacterial infection adding to the acne problem which could contribute to acne
. However, there are other factors which play important roles with this
offensive problem, particularly the influence of newly acquired hormones,
testosterone and estrogen and their contribution of stress on one's liver. For
males, due to the growth of the prostate gland there can be an acute deficiency
of the trace element zinc. Zinc is necessary in helping to control the oil
output by the sebaceous gland in the skin. Zinc is also an important
metalo-cofactor for the synthesis of hundreds of enzymes within the functioning
cells. Along with proper diet, the intake of nutritional supplements is a good
and safe approach in dealing with acne, rosacea and eczema.
Adult onset acne is primarily associated with change of hormones, in particular
women entering [peri-menopaus] the change of life. Thyroid output is also a
player with this dysfunctional problem of adult onset acne. If thyroid function
is low, it may have an negative impact on the ovaries and the hormones produced
by the ovaries. There is an accurate method of testing the output of the thyroid
. It's called the Barnes Basal Temperature Test.

Place a thermometer by your bed stand, upon waking immediately take the temperature (under arm pit)
then record temperature. Repeat for five days and average temperatures. If the
average is below 97.7 degrees or below, it is classified as sub-clinical
hypo-thyroid ism. This dysfunctional level may have detrimental impact upon your
complete bodily systems. An important hormonal system is the ovaries. It may
have an impact at what age one enters into menopause and how comfortable one
experiences this normal stage of life. Another important factor of low thyroid -
especially for women experiencing menopause is it can cause adult onset acne.

The elimination of this form of acne requires support of the ovaries.  Another factor  may be essential fatty acids ,  that include   a complete multi vitamin/mineral supplement especially containing omega six form of fatty acids. Homeopathic MBi Skin Drops (1oz bottle) assists in the healing of the acne. If the thyroid basal  temperature is low, support of your thyroid is essential with MBi Thyroid-120 (they thyroid
is responsible for processes all over the body, from protein synthesis, to
metabolism and immunity).

HealthQuest Nutrition (http://www.healthquestnutrition.com/) offers several
natural supplements and homeopathic remedies to help with problem skin. In particular
Mbi Nutraceuticals Dermavites, a specifically formulated multiple vitamin &
mineral combination that helps promote healthy skin; MBi Skin Drops and Eczema
- homeopathic products and Sulfa*Derm, a topical ointment that assists in
the healing of the skin tissue - Combined, these supplements are extremely
beneficial in controlling acne and have a long history of clinically proven

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Give a Boost to Your Immune System

Healthy living requires keeping the immune system strong.

Quality nutrients support the immune system: Beta -carotene is a natural epithelial cell builder, Vitamin C is a natural antibiotic, capillary wall builder, and infection fighter. Vitamins B1 and B2 aid in the energy cycle of eh body and are essential  for the digestive system, eyes, mouth, liver, energy and metabolism. Niacin plays a vital role in the release of energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and is important for tissue oxidation and circulation. Copper works with iron in the transformation into hemoglobin, and for elastin formation throughout the body. Zinc is essential for the synthesis of nucleic acids, wound healing, and for immune support. Echinecea is a known herb for immune support, as is Astragulus.  Both Broccoli and Mustard are natural vegetables/herbs containing alkaloids and their derivatives.

Lysine is an  essential amino acid necessary to maintain overall good health.  It is necessary for growth, tissue repair, and the production of antibodies, hormones, and enzymes. Lysine has been helpful with herpes simplex, influenza viruses, cold sores, and other fungal and bacterial infections.  Current research has shown Lysine suppresses the herpes virus by blocking and slowing down viral replication. (1)

While there are many products on the market to naturally support the immune system when the onslaught of cold or flu comes on, or the beginning irritation of a cold sore, the one I have found most effective  is LYSINOL, a unique formula that does what no other formula is known to do. It is a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs, glandulars and amino acids to give your body the edge to prevent or lessen the symptoms of the cold or flu. It provides focused  supplementation to bolster immune system activity.

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1. Singh BB; Udani J;Vinjamury SP;Safety and effectiveness of an L-lysine, zinc, and herbal based product on the treatment of facial and circumoral herpes. Alternative medicine review: a jounal of clinical therapeutic. [Altern Med Rev] 2005 Jun;Vol 10 (2)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ocular Health - The Importance of Maintaining Good Eye Care

Eye disease is on the rise among the general population of the United States.
Diabetes, being over weight, hypertention, unfit physical condition and poor
dietary habits add additional stress to your eyes.

Researchers agree that one of the most destructive bio-chemical actions within
the body are free radical molecules. A “free radical” is an unstable double
oxygen molecule that disrupt the structure of other molecules and result in
cellular damage, especially to the interior of the eye. The symptoms from this
continual damage may result in cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma and may
add to premature degradation of sight vision performance or dry-eye. Generally,
this is a condition which affects people later in life, usually after the age of
50. Since many physiologic functions are slowing with aging, anti-oxidant
production by ocular cells slows, as well. A study done late in 1999 indicates
that by monitoring the blood levels for glutathione peroxidase, they may soon be
able to predict physiologic disorders of the eye by a simple blood test, well in
advance of pathologic damage.

Glutathione peroxidase is an antioxidant enzyme which protects cells and tissue,
of the eye and other systems of the body. As the levels of glutathione
peroxidase increase there is a correlation; that free radical activity has also
increased and a potential for damage to eye tissue may result.

There are dietary steps that may reduce free radical activity. First, increase
the amount of raw fresh fruits and vegetables you eat, which are the primary
providers for the natural co-factors of antioxidants. If you don’t like or buy
frozen fruits and vegetables during winter time, there are supplements
specifically formulated to provide all of these special antioxidants. One is
Visitein Complex , a high quality eye product manufactured by Molecular
Biologics for Life.

There are other health care supplements i.e. Oxyguard which can also help to
increase the essential vitamins and minerals which must be available for
antioxidant protection. Because this is a disorder associated with aging,
individuals may have problems of digestion and absorption, which can deter
assimilation of these nutrients for the protection of the body and specifically,
the eye. If that’s the case I recommend Bromelain-Papain, Biogest and/or Panex—8
to help complete digestion processes.

Ocular health nutritives and antioxidant protection.

Ingredients: Lutene 10mg, L-Carnosine 200mg, L Taurine 200mg, Bilberry ext.
50mg, Vitamin A 3,500iu, Vitamin E 30iu, Zinc 2mg, Manganese 2mg. Lutene is a
carotenoid pigment found in plants. Carotenoids are also in vitamin A and Beta
. Carnosine is a nitrogen base from Alanine and Histadine is needed for
the repair of tissue and maintenance of the myelin sheath. L Taurine an amino
acid peptide
which promotes antioxidant protection for the eye.Zinc amino acid
chelate, is a metal-cofactor necessary for production of specific ocular
antioxidant enzymes, Manganese a metal-cofactor necessary in antioxidant ocular
protection, Vitamins A & E are direct antioxidants, in the blood circulation
which assist in ocular protection from the oxidative process of some types of
free radicals, and Bilberry extract, an herb, it’s common name is huckleberry
which contains specific antioxidants compounds found to be beneficial for the
eye. It also is effective as an anti-inflammatory, and anti-septic.

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